This is my new project, with a release date for the Wonder Festival 2015 Summer.

This is a project in collaboration with Ryota-H artist who created this fantastic illustration below. I really wanted to create the whole illustration as a figurine, using ZBrush and 3D Printing. A lot of challenges in this model, especially with the clothes and because the illustration has a strong character, which I will have to reproduce.


Then I started my model simply by creating a ZSphere skeleton to fit the Vitessa proportions. You can see on the background the character sheet that Ryota-H created for me.


Below is the first sculpting pass to block out the proportions and shape.


This is the result after 1h40 of sculpting, which I sent to Ryota-H for doing some paint over and visually editing the model.

This is a quick timelapse:


And a cleaner version, including the hands and some refinements on the head.


This stage started to incorporate the first feedback that Ryota-H sent back to me, but it is still in progress. Approximately 3h30 of work so far.